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Spanish Cold Tapas Recipes

Looking for Spanish Cold Tapas Recipes to try as a snack or as a platter for your next gathering? Here is my cold tapas selection which will surely inspire you to cook today.

Cold appetizers are a hit not only to the guests but also to the cooks in charge of coming up with a delicious summer party menu.

While they are a true treat to the mouth, making the dishes themselves is a breeze!

1. Melon con Jamon Serrano (Melon with Serrano Ham)

Melon con Jamon Serrano (Melon with Serrano Ham)

Melon con Jamon Serrano (Melon with Serrano Ham) is one of the cold tapas recipes that are easy to make.

If you have not much time in your hands and would like to serve good quick bites to your guests, this dish is the way to go. It takes no more than ten minutes to prepare this summer tapa. 

What makes Melon con Jamon Serrano appetizing?

It is the contrasting flavors of the two ingredients that make this cold tapas an intriguing dish.

You have the saltiness of the Jamon at first bite and then the sweetness of the melon in the end. This tapa is best served straight from the fridge!


2. Spanish Gazpacho

Spanish Gazpacho Recipe

Are you craving cold tapas from Spain? Surely, what’s on your mind right now is a refreshing serving of Delicious Spanish Gazpacho!

This is one of the earliest Spanish Cold Tapas Recipes I have tried to create in the comfort of my own kitchen.

Once I have all the freshest ingredients from the market, it only takes some blending time until my cold soup reaches the fridge and is ready to be consumed.

Spain gets incredibly hot during summer, and when snack time comes, I indulge in a bowl of cold-served Spanish Gazpacho to refresh myself. It is tasty and rewarding at the same time!


3. Salmon Ahumado con Crema de Queso (Smoked Salmon Tapas)

Salmon Ahumado con Queso Blando (Smoked Salmon Tapas)

Salmon Ahumado con crema de Queso (Smoked Salmon Tapas) is among the summer cold buffet ideas you can whip up in no time.

Get yourself some good-quality smoked salmon, french baguette, and cream cheese.

Afterward, it is just a matter of cutting your smoked salmon and french bread and then serving them alongside other cold summer party food.

The saltiness and smokiness of the salmon go well with the creaminess of your cheese. Lemon can be squeezed upon serving should you need something to cut through the strong flavor profile of this cold tapa.

It takes no more than five minutes to make Salmon Ahumado con Crema de Queso.

Read the full recipe: SMOKED SALMON TAPAS

4. Pan con Tomate (Toasted bread with tomato, olive oil, and ham)

Toasted bread with tomato, ham and olive oil.

Pan con Tomate (Toasted bread with tomato, olive oil, and ham) is one of my favorite Spanish breakfast items to make, especially when I am short of time. 

This is among the easy Spanish cold tapas to create, with all (if not many) of the ingredients surely present in your kitchen.

All you need are bread, some tomatoes, olive oil, and ham, and you are good to go. You can create a cold tapas platter with this in just ten minutes!

Read full recipe: PAN CON TOMATE RECIPE

5. Membrillo con Queso y Pan (Quince Paste with Cheese and bread)

Dulce de Membrillo con Queso
Dulce de Membrillo with cheese

Membrillo con Queso (Quince Paste with Cheese) is a regular sighting in every cold tapas selection.

The star of this Spanish cold tapas recipe is definitely the quince paste. Dulce de Membrillo is a prized food item in Spain. 

When partnered with cheese and bread, the paste is elevated into a whole different level of goodness. This tapas is simple to prepare yet delicious in every sense of the word!

Read full recipe: MEMBRILLO CON QUESO

6. Ensaladilla Rusa (Spanish Potato Salad)

Ensalada Rusa Recipe (Spanish Potato Salad)

Ensaladilla Rusa or Spanish Potato Salad cannot be missing on our list of Spanish buffet ideas. Known as Russian Salad to many Spaniards, this side dish is a staple inclusion to any party involving cold tapas appetizers.

This potato recipe is definitely appetizing to look at. You have vibrant ingredients all in one plate: red peppers, green peas, orange carrots, brown potatoes, the whiteness of mayonnaise, and the incorporation of tuna.

Read full recipe: ENSALADA RUSA RECIPE

7. Berenjena con Vinagreta (Grilled Eggplant in Tomato Vinaigrette)

The next time you have eggplants in your stash of vegetables from the market, consider making this delicious Berenjena con Vinagreta (Grilled Eggplant in Tomato Vinaigrette) recipe.

I like this Spanish specialty because it is one of the “make-ahead tapas”, which definitely gives me time to make more meticulous dishes in my summer-themed menu. 

As the eggplant gets grilled, I chop the other fresh ingredients, which will go on top afterward. My Berenjena con Vinagreta then stays in the fridge until it’s serving time!

Read full recipe: Spanish Grilled Eggplant With Tomato Vinaigrette Recipe (Berenjena a la Parrilla con Vinagreta de Tomate)

8. Pimientos Rellenos de Atún (Red Peppers stuffed with Tuna)

Red Peppers stuffed with Tuna Recipe

Pimientos Rellenos de Atún or Red Peppers stuffed with Tuna never fails to catch the attention of people looking over a bountiful cold Spanish food buffet. 

It screams freshness, with the plump roasted red pepper serving as a delicious holder to the tuna mix that is tucked within. 

Pimientos Rellenos de Atún is among the Spanish cold tapas recipes which require no cooking. In a matter of fifteen minutes or less of preparation, the tapas are ready to be enjoyed!

Read full recipe: Pimientos Rellenos de Atún recipe

9. Jamón, Queso y Chorizo con Pan (Ham, Cheese and Chorizo with Bread)

Jamón, Queso y Chorizo con Pan (Ham, Cheese and Chorizo with Bread) is my go-to Spanish cold tapas recipe. All it takes is a trip to the market to get the ingredients, and my kitchen work is practically halfway done!

The only thing which requires cooking is the chorizo. Cut them into small pieces and let them cook through.

While waiting, there is ample time to prepare the ham, cheese, and bread to go with the chorizo on the platter. 

The only thing you have to be worried about afterward is the refilling involved – because this Spanish appetizer is a sure winner!

10. Ensalada de Naranja y Aguacate (Orange and Avocado Salad)

If I am in the mood for something refreshing and in season, this Ensalada de Naranja y Aguacate (Orange and Avocado Salad) recipe takes over my mind.

Orange with avocado is the combination I did not see coming! Apparently, Ensalada de Naranja y Aguacate is well-celebrated in Spain, especially when discussing summer tapas menu ideas.

Together with the dijon mustard, the sherry vinegar, the olive oil, and all the other ingredients that make up this dish, they create a delightful Spanish appetizer that is zesty and flavorful in every bite.

11. Membrillo con Queso Fresco (Quince Paste with Queso fresco)

Queso fresco con dulce de membrillo cheese with quince paste1

Membrillo con Queso Fresco (Quince Paste with Queso fresco) is a two-ingredient party stunner that I love to make.

Quince paste and fresh cheese are a match made in tapas heaven! It is a simple way of celebrating the sweetness of the quince and the creaminess of the cheese. 

Allot at least ten minutes to create this Spanish cold tapas recipe. After some cutting and skewering, your appetizer is ready to hit the serving plate.