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Paella de Bogavante Receta
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Lobster Paella Recipe

Gustavo from the restaurant La Pepica Valencia shares his Lobster Paella Recipe. The European lobster is a rare seafood in our markets, the American or Canadian lobster is much more widespread, it is characterized by its colors; the European is black and bluish and the Canadian or American is reddish in color. The American or […]

Titaina La Maritima Grupo La Sucursal 2
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Titaina with Marinated Anchovy, Black Garlic, and Cilantro Sprouts Recipe

“Titaina with Marinated Anchovy, Black Garlic, and Cilantro Sprouts” is a traditional recipe from the maritime district of El Cabanyal in Valencia, Spain. Javier Andrés Salvador is the Gastronomic Director of Grupo La Sucursal. La Sucursal has been recognized as the best restaurant in Spain by the Gourmets Magazine. Today he shares his recipe “Titaina […]