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Mouth-Watering Revueltos (Spanish-Style Scrambled Eggs)

Learn how to cook different varieties of Revueltos or Spanish-style scrambled eggs with our easy Spanish food recipes! 

Revueltos are among those Spanish dishes that you can conveniently make at home, whichever ingredient you have on your fridge right now. 

Spanish-style scrambled eggs call for fresh eggs plus just about anything your heart desires!

You can opt for seafood such as prawns or go all-vegetables such as zucchini and mushrooms. 

Revueltos are even a good way to recreate leftovers!

If you have cooked ham from last night, scramble some eggs with it, throw in some crunchy asparagus, and you have an entirely new meal on the dining table.

What is a Revuelto?

A revuelto is a Spanish dish that is made by scrambling eggs together with ingredients of your choice.

While Revueltos are commonly cooked at home in Spain, you can also order the dish in many restaurants and bars. 

Interesting facts about revueltos

  • Revueltos are not your usual scrambled eggs. If the common recipe calls for the majority of your dish being eggs and only a small portion of it being other ingredients of your choice, you have to interchange your ratio to make Revueltos. 
  • To make good revueltos, the key is to have good eggs to start with.
  • A nice Revuelto dish needs gentle hands and consistently medium heat when cooking it. 

Revueltos (Spanish-Style Scrambled Eggs)

4. Revuelto de Gambas al Ajillo

What is better than fresh prawns on your revuelto?

Garlic prawns!

Garlic makes your scrambled eggs with prawns tastier. Add in butter and sherry to the equation, and you just made a tapas favorite into an even more delectable meal.

Upon serving, pair your revuelto de gambas al ajillo with a glass of white wine along with some toasted bread.