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Our favorite Spanish Croquettes Recipes

Searching for Croquettes recipes to try cooking at home? Explore our list of the best croquette dishes highlighting great Spanish ingredients – from the delectable Serrano ham to mouth-watering octopus!

What exactly are croquettes?

Croquettes are deep-fried balls or rolls made up of a thick binder (like bechamel or mashed potato) filled with meat or vegetables and then covered in breadcrumbs.

Do you have leftovers at home that can be perfect for filling?

There are many croquettes recipes out there, but if you are looking for the best, here are the top ones on our list.

Our favorite Spanish Croquettes Recipes

3. Croquettes with Bacalao (codfish)

Codfish croquettes or Croquetas de Bacalao are for those who want a light fish appetizer or snack. It is also one of the Spanish tapas you can almost always find in a tapas bar in Spain.

Codfish has a very mild and milky flavor, and it also holds well when being prepared, so it is perfect for making croquettes. 

Spices will play a big part in your Codfish croquettes recipe. However, even the simple salted variety delivers!

4. Croquettes with Spinach

Spanish spinach croquettes are very simple to make. It can be a sure hit even to kids (and adults) who do mind eating their greens. Spinach is perfectly combined in bechamel and then deep-fried until crunchy. Now that’s a fun way of eating your veggies!

For sure, this is one of the many croquettes recipes which will truly be enjoyed by foodies who prefer vegetables over meat. Spinach in itself is a good source of vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, making this dish truly a healthy variation of the well-loved croquette.

5. Croquettes with Cheese

Is there anything more delectable in the world than cheese? Wait until you get to try this Croquettes with Cheese recipe. 

While the dish may sound so simple, you can never go wrong with a good deep-fried cheesy appetizer. Aside from that, cheese alone is a delicious source of calcium, fat, and protein – among many others.

Manchego is a must-try type of cheese to use in your croquettes recipe. This cheese is made in the La Mancha region of Spain, and it comes from the milk of sheep of the Manchega breed. It is firm but buttery and is slightly salty in taste.

6. Croquettes with Pulpo (Octopus)

Octopus croquettes may sound uninviting to some, but this dish is actually a staple offering in many Spanish tapas bars. Not only is the flavor of Croquettes with Pulpo intense, but the texture is something probably an octopus can give.

Octopus is a popular ingredient in Spanish cuisine. Aside from croquettes, you can find it in salads, grilled at the barbecue, stewed, or even just boiled, seasoned, and served on its own.

7. Croquettes with Mushrooms

Croquettes with mushroom or croquetas de setas are among the Spanish tapas that do not fail to impress. This dish is a common offering in street food stalls, tapas bars, and restaurants. 

You can basically use any mushroom of your choice with this croquette recipe. Some of the common mushroom varieties used in this dish are Portobello, oyster, and white button mushrooms.

If you wish to make your croquettes with mushrooms extra special, toss in some cheese, chicken, leeks – the list is endless for this flexible recipe.

8. Croquettes with Chicken

Chicken croquettes are true comfort food. If you have any leftover chicken dishes at home (roast chicken, for example), you can easily turn them into a new dish by making croquetas out of them.

Shredded cheese makes this recipe even more delectable. Fond of heat? Add some peppers to spice up your Chicken croquettes!

If you are not working with leftovers, boiled Chicken breasts seasoned well make for a good chicken croquette. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Croquettes Recipes

Why are my croquettes falling apart?

A lot of times, croquettes tend to fall apart when you are using potatoes as a binder. First of all, make sure your mashed potatoes are cold when forming the balls or logs. Chill them after finishing the croquettes in breadcrumbs so that the shape holds. You can also freeze a batch until you’re ready to cook.

What are Spanish croquettes made of?

Spanish croquettes are made of bechamel as a binder and leftovers as a filling. One of the most popular ingredients that are filled in croquettes in Spain is Serrano ham.

Can you freeze Spanish croquettes?

Yes, you can freeze Spanish croquettes that are uncooked. This is one of the dishes that you can prepare ahead of time, freeze, and then cook when it’s about time to serve. Cooked Spanish croquettes, though, are better off in the refrigerator and not in the freezer. The dish can be kept and then refried for up to three days.