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Spanish styled scrambled eggs with prawns
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Revuelto de Gambas Recipe (Spanish Styled Scrambled Eggs with Prawns)

Another typical Spanish food is Revueltos, scrambled eggs mixed with other ingredients. Today I share a Scrambled Eggs with Prawns recipe. A “Revuelto” is a Spanish dish of scrambled eggs mixed with other ingredients like prawns, ham, mushrooms, or spinach. Today I share with you my favorite “Revuelto de Gambas” (Scrambled Eggs with Prawns) recipe.

Loquat Fruit (Nispero Fruit) in Spain
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Loquat Fruit (Nispero Fruit) in Spain

The loquat fruit, also known as the nispero fruit, is spring’s delightful gift to Spain. Learn more about this orange Asian fruit. You don’t have to go to China, Japan or look for an Asian store in your vicinity to have a taste of that golden orange fruit that many Spanish foodies can’t help gushing […]

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Andalusian Food Recipes

The southern part of Spain is a gastronomic destination of its own right – thanks to authentic Spanish dishes served up in Andalusia. People from this part of the world are passionate cooks, joyful eaters and graceful sharers of the art.  Andalusian food is heartwarming as it is filling, as with all good Spanish food […]