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Easy Tinto de Verano Recipe (Spanish Summer Wine)

Curious to know how to prepare Tinto de Verano? Get to know more about this well-loved summer drink from Spain. Prepare your own by following our Easy Tinto de Verano recipe!

What does Tinto de Verano mean?

The Spanish term Tinto de Verano translates to “summer red wine” in English.

The translation best encapsulates this Spanish drink: a thirst-quenching alcoholic beverage perfect for drinking on a hot summer day.

What is Tinto de Verano made of?

The two primary ingredients of Tinto de Verano are quite simple: red wine and lemon soda. In Spain, it is a pretty straightforward recipe: it’s red wine and lemon Fanta.

Those who do not like to use soda in their Tinto de Verano replace it with a mixture of tonic water and lemonade.

The rest of the Tinto de Verano recipe ingredients are ice cubes to keep it cold and some lemon and orange slices to taste the freshness.

Some people like to add vermouth to their Tinto de Verano.

Easy Tinto de Verano Recipe (Spanish Summer Wine)

What is Spanish Vermouth?

Spanish Vermouth is what they describe as “fortified wine.” It is usually mixed in cocktails but can also be enjoyed on its own.

Vermouth is aromatic because it is blended with different herbs and spices. It contains 15% alcohol.

Tinto de Verano Variations

When ordering Tinto de Verano at a bar or when making one at home, you can choose between two options:

  • Tinto de Verano con Limón – This is the classic Tinto de Verano recipe consisting of red wine and lemon Fanta or any brand of lemon-flavored soda.
  • Tinto de Verano con Blanca or con Casera – This is red wine mixed with Casera Blanca, a brand of soda in Spain, tonic water or lemonade.

Where to get Tinto de Verano

Practically every bar and restaurant in Spain offers Tinto de Verano.

Sometimes, when it is not on the menu, you can ask your waiter or bartender if you can order Tinto de Verano from them. Most often, the answer is Yes.

If you are craving some Tinto de Verano at home right now, check out my Easy Tinto de Verano Recipe below.

It is one of the ultimate Spanish drinks to make not only to try for yourself but also to serve at parties, especially during summer outdoor gatherings.

If you’d rather drink something premade, there is a ready-to-drink Tinto de Verano, all bottled up and ready for consumption.

Easy Tinto de Verano Recipe (Spanish Summer Wine)

Ready-to-Drink Tinto de Verano

Because of the popularity of Tinto de Verano, you will find many bottled versions of this sweet summer wine in bars, grocery stores, and online shops.

One of the most famous brands of ready-to-drink Tinto de Verano is Don Simon. It has a classic, lemon, and even alcohol-free varieties.

Some restaurants have tinto de verano on tap. 

However, do these taste the same as the freshly mixed variant?

Of course not.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with consuming ready-to-drink Tinto de Verano, many will say that you get less alcohol and more sugar in them.

Always opt for a fresh one, if you have a choice. Nothing beats tasting an authentic Tinto de Verano recipe.

Of course – if you would like to have a sweet summer drink without the need for any alcohol, the bottled version will have what you want.  

Tinto de Verano vs. Sangria

When it comes to the look, Tinto de Verano can casually be mistaken for Sangria. 

Ingredients-wise, Tinto de Verano has simpler ingredients. You only need a bottle of red wine, some lemon soda, lemon or orange slices, and ice.

Ingredients for Sangria need everything you use for Tinto de Verano, with the addition of another type of liquor, apple and peach slices, sugar, and cinnamon.

When it comes to alcohol content, Tinto de Verano has less amount of alcohol than Sangria.

They say that if you present these two choices to a clueless tourist and a discerning local, the tourist will opt for Sangria while the locals will choose to have Tinto de Verano.

The simplicity of this Spanish summer wine is what makes it dear to residents – not to mention how establishments put an overpriced tag on Sangria in Spain.

Having said that, Tinto de Verano is the more affordable Spanish summer wine option as compared to Sangria.

Yield: 4

Easy Tinto de Verano Recipe (Spanish Summer Wine)

Easy Tinto de Verano Recipe (Spanish Summer Wine)

Curious to know how to prepare Tinto de Verano? Get to know more about this well-loved summer drink from Spain. Prepare your own by following our Easy Tinto de Verano recipe!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • 1 bottle of lemon soda
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • Ice cubes
  • Optional: Spanish Vermouth


  1. Add ice cubes to a jug (about half full).
  2. Add the red wine and lemon soda (ratio: 50:50).
  3. Cut the lemon and orange into small pieces and add them to the jug.
  4. Optional: Add Spanish Vermouth (around 1cm)
  5. Mix everything well.
  6. Enjoy your Tinto de Verano.

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